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Joanie has had a special gift all her life - and for over 35 years, she has used it to help people all around the world. Her access to the divine combined with a grounded direct approach gives you tangible information to navigate life's transitions.  

Frequent topics include:

  • Understanding why you feel what you feel

  • Discovering what you love

  • Heart-based Decision-making

  • Are you on your path?

  • Relationship guidance

  • How to live with light

  • Dealing with sudden life changes

  • Choosing change when feeling stuck

  • And whatever your heart's desire


Investment: $100 for 60-minute session



  • Circuitry Alignment: a powerful energetic modality which connects you to your life blueprint (your purpose in this lifetime). You feel more balanced, authentic, stronger and more able to make choices in your life which support you being you

  • Investment: $300 which includes a 30-minute pre-session, the 2-hour Circuitry Alignment session and three 30-minute integration sessions (ideally a week apart)

  • Please contact Joanie for an individualized package

Contact Joanie for a Free Inquiry to learn how she can help you

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