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The unique intention for EOL sacred journeys is to use travel as the lens through which we explore ourselves.  Traveling to ancient lands can have it's challenges - foreign foods, weather, culture, people, etc which shake us from the familiar. This creates a level of openness and vulnerability which serves as fertile ground for self-exploration. With the guidance of Joanie, and a series of meditations, breathing and movement techniques, a safe environment for deep self examination is created often resulting in healing revelations. With small group sizes and tour leaders who have spent a lifetime exploring this world and themselves, you find a kind of journey that no other company can offer. You return home feeling more aligned to who you are having had a magical journey and making life-long friends.

Egypt Adventure: September 2023

Aswan - Abu Simbel - Luxor - Cairo - Desert Safari - Cairo

How EOL Began:

  • In 2007, Joanie left the USA to travel around the world.

  • After many months and many countries, she was inexplicably drawn to Dahab, on the Sinai Peninsula. It was there, at a Bedouin healing center, that she had a life-changing vision:

  • "to guide individuals through ancient lands to meet the extraordinary people and experience the natural beauty and most importantly to use adventure as a way of accessing ourselves."

  • Explorations of Light was born! The name honors both the inner and outer light that we can access in ourselves and in the adventure that only travel offers.

  • Now 8 years later, and numerous sacred journeys, she is excited to be expanding to new lands

Dahab and Petra: Sep - Oct 2023

Cairo - Dahab - Aqaba - Petra - Dahab - Cairo

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